At Fenix Outdoor, we embrace the ethics of stewardship and prioritize sustainable development as a key driver in our daily work. We want to contribute to healthier, better and more resilient societies where possible. We recognize that our global resources are limited and that our decisions today will have a lasting impact on our environment for future generations.  Our heritage and tradition are closely tied to the wilderness, and we hold the protection of our natural heritage in high regard.

Our guiding principles

Our vision is fueled by our love for the outdoors and is seamlessly integrated with our commitment to quality, durability, timelessness, functionality, and entrepreneurship. We strive to be leaders in sustainability across all our business segments, constantly innovating and seeking better, safer, and more environmentally responsible solutions. We are willing to explore extraordinary and unconventional paths to move towards a more sustainable future.

We believe that businesses should contribute to happier, healthier people; stronger communities; more resilient natural systems; and top financial performance. To achieve these four “returns on investment” simultaneously, we take particular interest and responsibility in four key areas:

  1. Respect for and protection of nature: We prioritize the conservation and protection of nature, recognizing its intrinsic value and the need to safeguard it for future generations.
  2. Good corporate citizenship: We practice ethical integrity and uphold the highest standards of corporate citizenship in the societies in which we operate, aiming to positively contribute to the communities and stakeholders we serve.
  3. Human well-being: We prioritize the well-being of our employees worldwide, ensuring safe and healthy working environments, and strive to provide products that do not harm our customers or other stakeholders.
  4. Economic development: We focus on the economic development of our company and the societies in which we operate, aiming for sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

To guide our sustainability endeavors, we have adopted The Fenix Way Management Compass® as a key tool, which serves as our ethical compass, outlining our core values, principles, and business practices on the path towards sustainability.

The Fenix Way

The Fenix Way, developed and adopted by Fenix Outdoor in 2012, outlines our corporate culture, our approach to sustainability, and our commitment to managing our impacts on the natural, social, and economic environment. The Fenix Way was updated in 2018 and is revised every 5 years.

The Fenix Way Management Compass®



N = Nature

As a family of outdoor brands and retailers, our core business is equipping people to spend time in nature. We therefore work actively to preserve and protect our planet’s natural heritage and biological diversity and in the longer term contribute to the restoration of degraded natural systems.

E = Economy

By developing, producing and selling high-quality, durable products, and by continuously innovating, we will provide our customers with high value products and services, develop long-term business relationships and ensure strong financial returns for our shareholders, for many decades to come.

S = Society

We uphold the highest standards of ethical integrity and practice good corporate citizenship in the countries and communities where we are present. Our aim is to be a net contributor to a well functioning society everywhere we do business.

W = Wellbeing

Our employees all over the world deserve a safe and healthy working environment, and our customers must have safe and satisfying products. We aim to respect each individual’s human rights, and we do treat people fairly. We encourage a balanced life, and we offer possibilities for personal development.

Sustainability in numbers

66311 Products that were cared or repaired in 2023 to prolong the lifetime of the product
2 million SEK donated by Naturkompaniet & Partioaitta to various nature protection projects around Sweden and Finland
1938176 Products sold in Frilufts Retail labeled as “A Greener Choice” in 2023
52000 Hours of training invested in Fenix employees


What is ESG?

At Fenix Outdoor, we look at the so-called “ESG Criteria”, discussing environmental, social/societal as well as governance issues in our operations. We address global topics such as climate change, the fight against child labor, and corruption. We regularly present about the progress of these topics in our annual CSR Report.


Environmental criteria consider how we safeguard the environment, including corporate policies addressing climate change, biodiversity, raw material use, waste and waste water management.


Social criteria examine how we manage the relationships with our employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which we operate. We show transparency regarding whom we are working with and how. The spectrum ranges from safe and healthy working conditions to fair wages and observing principle human rights. We publish our brands Tier 1 suppliers on the Open Supply Hub.


Governance deals with our company’s leadership, the executive pay, gender equality and diversity, but it also looks at our processes and procedures we have. These include audits, internal controls, and shareholder rights. We also speak to our way how we interact and involve various stakeholders and how we develop our material sustainability matrix – from risk management to where we can maximize our positive impact

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Since we work in different countries and with different languages, we have our Code of Conduct for Suppliers in several different languages. Find them right here!