Fenix Outdoor International

Fenix Outdoor International AG is a globally active leading group of outdoor companies focused on products and retail within the world of nature and outdoor activities. Through a comprehensive array of functional and durable premium products and services, the company enables people to enjoy life outdoors and supports survival in challenging and extreme environments of our planet. The company is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, Large Cap (Nasdaq Stockholm).

Who we are

We consider ourselves a house of heritage and premium brands and retailers with strong values. Our focus is always on the long-term benefits of the company, our community, our customers, and our planet. We believe in strong relationships and partnerships internally as well as externally with customers and business partners. Sustainability and responsibility are deeply rooted and embedded in our governance structure and in the way we do business. At Fenix Outdoor International, we care about nature and how we impact our environment. We want to leave our basecamp in better shape than we found it.

The Fenix Outdoor Group was established back in the early 2000’s as a corporate entity when our founding brand, Fjällräven, started acquiring other outdoor companies. Over the years the group has gone through a substantial growth, both organically and through multiple acquisitions.

Our goals

  • Be a global leading player in the development and sale of equipment and apparel for outdoor activities.
  • Achieve an annual growth rate of at least 10 percent over the coming five years.
  • Achieve a long-term profit margin of at least 10 percent.
  • Be the leading most sustainable outdoor group

We will achieve our goals through:

  • Global growth focused on Europe, North & South America, and Asia, based on a strong internal and external retail network with strong brands.
  • Expanding our various business areas through organic growth and acquisitions.
  • Overseeing all sustainability activities in the whole value chain


Our organization is divided into multiple divisions with different focus areas. This is to ensure that our brands and retailers stay true to their identities and heritage, while still benefiting from operating as a group.


The Brands business area develops apparel and equipment for active outdoor and leisure activities through our brands Fjällräven, Tierra, Hanwag, and Royal Robbins. Our brands are operated and marketed independent from each other to ensure and enrich their strong induvial heritage and identities. However, all our brands are based and operated upon our common values defined in ‘The Fenix Way’.


Our multi-brand retail group within Fenix Outdoor is called ‘Frilufts Retail Europe’. Frilufts Retail operates within Sweden and Norway under the brand name, Naturkompaniet; in Finland as Partioaitta; Germany as Globetrotter; in Denmark as Friluftsland, and in the UK as Trekitt. Common for all our retail operations is that they are all local leading players in the sale of products for outdoor activities and travel.

Common Corporate Functions

While the identity building parts of our brands and retailers are operated independently, we have several common corporate functions supporting all brands and retailers across the group. These functions include areas such as Fenix Tech, Logistics, HR, Communications, Legal, Security, Compliance and CSR.

Global Sales

Our Global Sales division consist of local B2B sales teams in several markets, where they own the distribution of some or all of our brands in the local market. Our Global Sales division operates in multiple European, American and Asian markets.