Fenix Outdoor has completed its sale of Primus to the Silva Group

April 28, 2023

Fenix Outdoor has today completed its sale of Primus to Silva Group. In December last year, Fenix Outdoor AB entered into an agreement to divest Primus AB and its subsidiary Primus Eesti Ou to Silva Sweden AB.

We reported then that the closing was planned for spring 2023 and has today come to this point. Primus is now wold to Silva Sweden AB. Primus and Silva’s operations will henceforth be run in one company: Primus-Silva Sweden AB (previously Silva Sweden AB).

Fenix Outdoor will, in certain European markets, for a transitional period continue to sell Primus through its Global Sales segment. The products will also continue to be a natural part of Fenix Outdoor’s Frilufts segment’s product range.

The transaction is not expected to have any significant financial effect in Fenix Outdoor’s consolidated accounts.

Fenix Outdoor believes that Primus, in combination with Silva, has a significant growth and development opportunity and wishes the “newly created” Primus-Silva company all the best in its continued expansions.

For further information, contact CFO Thomas Lindberg, +46 703 33 17 63